Match Report

Match Report - 15 Dec 2012, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 2nd team indoor lost to Gordonians 2

For the second match Ethan had to leave for work, with Greg coming in to replace him. Esco also arrived for the second match.
Harris again started with half court defence and took the lead through a well worked short corner. Finlay pushed from the right, Esco stopped and slipped it left to Greg as the keeper rushed out towards him and Greg fired home into the goal.
The first half produced end to end play and finished with the teams level at 1-1. Sam had actually scored another goal which was ruled out as it was judged to be a hit. Probably the right decision.
After the re-start Harris lost 2 quick goals. Gordonians had worked out the Harris zone, moving the ball to their left midfield and firing the ball to the top D. Stevie who was doing as asked by being at the top D was beaten by the speed of the forward driving right and slipping the ball low and hard into the goal. Both goals were almost identical but this is something which can be fixed for future games.
Once Gordonians went in front Harris lost a little shape and allowed them to dictate the play far too much. The game went away from Harris at this stage and although a little more shape was restored very few chances were created. All players gave their all and there were no cards, no ill discipline and the team were a credit to the Maroon (Amber) shirt.

Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 2nd team indoor 1 - 5 Gordonians 2

1Steven Mcilravey  
2Finlay Wright  
3Sam Owen-Hughes  
4Cameron Conway  
5Chris Wylie  
6Greg Whittet   1
7A.N. Other  
8A.N. Other  
9A.N. Other  
10A.N. Other