Match Report

Match Report - 18 May 2013, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 2nd Team Outdoor lost to ESM III

An experienced ESM second team including former Harris favourites Richard Soutar and Scott Smith took the game to Harris but strong defence and battling midfield play saw 'the mighty' take a grasp of the first period and despite numerous chances from both open play and penalty corners a pf from toonsie was all the twos had to show for their endeavours. The same pattern developed in the second period but the greater experience and nous of the ESM side saw Harris concede two soft goals from open play. The second a breakaway where a three against one saw the Edinburgh outfit take the lead. Harris galvanised their play and bombarded the oppostion goal but to no avail.
Special mention should go to the Harris youths who over the piece competed very well against some seasoned campaigners. Finlay, Hamish, Steve, Anthony Daniel and Sam take a bow.
Harris dominated the second game with goals from Sam OH and Dougie Lowdon giving us a deserved 2 - 1 win

ESM III 2 - 1 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 2nd Team Outdoor

1Steven Mcilravey  
2Gordon Grewar  
3Finlay Wright  
4Craig Towns   1
5Cameron Conway  
6Hamish Galt  
7Daniel McAndrew  
8Sam Owen-Hughes  
9Pete Fowlie  
10Douglas Lowdon  
11Niall Mckay  
12Anthony Mudie  
13Graeme Ferrier  
14A.N. Other