Match Report

Match Report - 29 Sep 2019, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor beat Grove Menzieshill IV

The Harris squad of 14 players contained 9 players < 16 years of age. Niall Joss in goal provided good game coaching / position guidance to the young Harris defenders Cameron Gellatly, and Rory Little while senior players Steven Ogg, Fritz Ackerly and Andy Thompson provided patient support to maintain the shape of our defence when moving forward. There was a strong midfield performance from a rotated pool of Nicholas Auld, Ewan Muirhead, Alfie Ackerley, and Brodie Thompson. Up front Matthew Little, Matthew Ogg and Aiden Davidson worked tirelessly moving the defence, and creating space. It was a positive first half enjoyed mainly in the GM half, with periods of multiple passing and movement. Only outstanding goal keeping denied our youngsters a goal. Good setup on their sixteens, prevented the ball from moving forward through the middle to the GM midfield, and when defending, the rapid movement of our midfield back to assist, kept GM out wide and harmless. Only goal came from a short corner late in the second half, pushed out by Alfie Ackerley, stopped by Ewan Muirhead, and struck home by Steven Ogg. The whole team should be commended for working tirelessly, communicating well, setting up well in defence, and for reading / breaking up the GM attacks regularly. A good1-0 away win. Thanks to Keith Dyer for umpiring duties.

Grove Menzieshill IV 0 - 1 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor