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16 Jul 2014 : Outdoor Training at DISC
Outdoor training restarts at DISC on Thursday 31st July from 8.30 pm to 10pm

15 Jul 2014 : Youth Coaching
Youth Coaching restarts at Riverside on Wednesday 27th August from 5.30pm to 7pm 

14 Jul 2014 : Fitness Training
Fitness started at the end of June. Contact Gavin Martin to get dates and times 

10 May 2014 : Harris AGM
The Harris AGM was held at Clark's on Sat 10th May.
President:- Andy Thompson
Secretary:- Niall Mckay
Treasurer:- Chris Wylie
1st Team Captain:- Gavin Martin
1st team coach;- Albert Rowling
2nd Team Captain:-Roy Dowie
2nd team vice captain:- Kevin Ancell
3rd team captain:- Ferg Wilson
4th team captain:- Andy Thompson
4th team vice captain:- Finlay Wright