Match Report

Match Report - 03 Nov 2012, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor beat Monarchs

Monarchs went ahead 2-0 with two early goals. The first came from a quick counter-attack. Alan Gouick played a long through ball to the unmarked Jack Burton who beat Ally easily to open the scoring. A stick tackle then gave Monarchs a short corner and Callum Boag netted with a low drag-flick. Harris were slightly unfortunate to see Monarchs awarded another short corner when the ball was lifted into Neil as he went to tackle. However, the corner was put away expertly by Alan Gouick, drag-flicking high into the net. Progress on Neil's injury can be found on Twitter. Harris were struggling, but managed to win their first short corner just before half-time and like last week when they were 3-0 down against Perthshire, Albert scored with a powerful drag-flick to make it 3-1. The half-time team talk led to a slight change in formation and some harsh words that were designed to put some fight into the team for the second half. After good work from Neil down the left baseline (scene of his first half mishap), Harris won a short corner and Albert scored to make it 3-2. However, Monarchs responded quickly and another powerful drag-flick from Alan Gouick made it 4-2. Harris fought back again and after a good move down the right hand side the ball was squared to Albert and he slapped it in to complete his hat-trick and make the score 4-3. Monarchs then missed a good chance to go 5-3 ahead but with two minutes to go Harris, with extra players pushed forward, won a short corner and Albert scored his 4th goal of the game with another powerful drag-flick. It seemed certain to be the end of the scoring but in the last seconds of the game Harris won a short corner and Albert's shot hit a Monarchs defender on the line. With the last action of the game Albert scored from the penalty flick to win the match 5-4 for Harris. For Ally's candid self assessment of his performance in the match please refer to Twitter. How many would disagree with his first comment and yet agree with his second?

A Report from the BFG -

Monarchs vs Harris #dundee derby! 3 Nov 12

Rather than write out a match report based on yesterdays game I’ve stolen the @monarchshc livetime twitter feed. This will cover the shame of the match reporter and save some time! Editors notes with more detail will be added for explanation.

8.24am Monarch game day! 1st team are in action v @harris_hockey at DISC 1pm. 2nds show their mettle against @dundeewanderers 3rds ASC. #fig

Ed notes – Fig = future is green, a reference to their teams strip colour, not an ecological statement!

1.14pm Derby is ten minutes old. Jack Burton and @callumboag have scored the goals that have made the difference #hockey @scottishhockey

Ed notes – Our keeper had a holocaust in the first ten minutes. Flip flopped on the first goal, neither meeting man or staying his ground, then promptly jumped over the ball from a short corner flick that went middle and on the ground! Supposedly left enough room for a medicine ball to fit under him! Monarchs also included Scottish Hockey in their tweet making the keepers shame national!

1.16pm Jimmy Simpson #gentleman @harris_hockey

Ed notes – Jimmy showed a gallantry only usually seen in his single days when preying on young nubile ladies in nightclubs by assisting a monarchs player off the field of play when none of his team mates came to his aid!

1.48 Goals traded with @allangouick and @harris_hockey leaves the result 3-1 at half time @scottishhockey #dundeederby

Gouick scored a short corner off Moirs shoulder after Monarchs had tried to turn Neily Martin into eunuch prior to his wedding. Big dave was not impressed at the prospect of having to rely on Gav to sire heirs to maintain the Martin name. Albert had scored a corner of his own in the meantime! Repeat of last week was on the cards!

2.04 Another sc from @harris_hockey and its monarchs 3 v 2 harris

Albert – drags us back into the game...

2.07 another sc @allangouick scores 4-2 #dundeederby

... until Ally flogs another short corner. Reports the opposition now believe him fat and old and unable to reach the ball are spread around the pitch

2.12 Another @harris_hockey goal 4-3 now. #dundeederby @scottishhockey

Bert – this must have been the open play one! There followed a brief twitter chat with one of monarchs players mums about her little soldier!

2.30 4-4 now

Bert corner I think, after Neily “one nut” martin won it on the baseline. Not long to go. Note the score no longer being broadcast to Scottish hockey

2.35 Overtime corner for @harris_hockey on target... off a leg: Penalty! Goal Harris win 5-4

Neily involved in another baseline mazy gets stick tackled and umpire gives a corner. Leads to a discussion, a monarchs card perhaps undeservedly to young Boag considering the circumstances and somehow since time is stopped the final whistle. Bert flicks the corner, hits the player on the player on the line and then scores the resultant stroke.

Cue some disgruntled players, a heated discussion with the umpires, a relieved but embarrassed keeper and Bert with 22 goals this season! 3 points to the mighty and a win in the Dundee/Angus derby (they are based in Arbroath aren’t they?)

Moments missed out a green card for Esco, a green card for Chico, Gouick clotheslining Ally and not getting carded. Gouick complaining to the umpires constantly (according to the esteemed hockey journalists present) and still not getting carded

Monarchs 4 - 5 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor