Match Report

Match Report - 10 Nov 2012, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor lost to St Andrews University II

St Andrews University were 1-0 ahead after a very close first half, during which neither side created many chances. A more open second half saw more goalmouth action. Harris were rewarded for improved play with an equaliser 10 minutes from the end. However, in the final minute St Andrews University won the match with a breakaway goal.

St Andrews University II 2 - 1 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor

1Niall Joss  
2Gregor Hamilton   1
3Euan Donohue  
4A.N. Other   Anthony Mudie
5A.N. Other   Harry Smith
6A.N. Other   Ryan Macguire
7Kevin Ancell  
8David Niven  
9A.N. Other   Andy Thompson
10Colin Wilkie  
11A.N. Other   Jack Dyer
12A.N. Other   Ferg Wilson sen
13A.N. Other  
14A.N. Other  
15A.N. Other  
16A.N. Other