Match Report

Match Report - 06 Apr 2013, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor lost to Ayr

Harris got off to a great start scoring from an Albert Rowling corner after 2 minutes. A second short corner from Albert was then deflected over the bar and then after rounding the last defender and the goalkeeper Neil saw his shot saved on the line. Ayr gradually came into the game and after 20 minutes equalised from a short corner. Harris were having trouble pushing out corners on the sandy surface and four more corners in the 1st half all failed to reach the top of the D. In the second half the problem with short corners persisted and numerous chances were wasted. Ayr scored to make it 2-1 but almost immediately Ferg Wilson equalised. Harris pressure produced more corners but their usually efficient routine had now broken down completely. To make things worse Ayr made it 3-2 after a defensive mix up and despite a lot of late pressure Harris could not get an equaliser.

Ayr 3 - 2 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor