Match Report

Match Report - 16 Nov 2013, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor lost to Giffnock

From the pushback a long aerial from Greg Whittet beat the entire Giffnock defence and found Neil Martin who narrowly failed to score. Harris did not build on this good start and gave Giffnock possession with some unforced errors. The home side took the lead from a short corner after 14 minutes. Both teams had chances to score after this but it was Harris who equalised in the 32nd minute when Neil Martin was upended by the Giffnock keeper and Albert Rowling scored from the penalty. This should have settled Harris and the second half started with Harris winning a short corner in the first minute. However Giffnock went three ahead twenty minutes into the second half and Harris would probably look back and think that all three could have been avoided. To their credit Harris fought back and in the 25th minute Gavin Martin scored from a short corner. Four minutes later Ferg Wilson scored with a deflection into the corner of the Giffnock net. Harris pressed hard for an equaliser and came close from a short corner in the final minutes of the game. Despite the strong finish Harris will look back on this game as a missed opportunity to put pressure on the teams around them in the league. The fightback shows the good team spirit in the side but in this game it came too late to save them from defeat.

Giffnock 4 - 3 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor

1Steven Mcilravey  
2Gavin Martin   1
3Finlay Wright  
4Neil Williams  
5Marc Callaghan  
6Hamish Galt  
7Neil Martin  
8Steven Moir  
9Greg Whittet  
10Fergus Wilson   1
11Craig Edward  
12Albert Rowling   1
13Jimi Simpson  
14A.N. Other