Match Report

Match Report - 30 Aug 2014, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 2nd Team Outdoor drew with Tournament

A mixed Harris 2nd team took part in the annual Kevin Walker Community Shield, hosted by Dunfermline City. The pre-season round robin tournament pitched Harris against Falkirk, Dunfermline City, Kinross and a Mixed 11 side.

The day was fantastically well organised by the host side, who even arranged an appearance from the sun! The youthful Harris (and Dowie) performed well and with a little more conviction in front of goal could well have walked away as winners! Harris can however lay claim to complete domination at the dinner table, with the youngsters readily grazing throughout the day upon a wonderful array of sandwiches and Pizza Hut's finest selection.

The ever present trainers, Jack Torano, Dylan Ackerley and Jonnie McLeish performed admirably and it surely won't be long until they are knocking on the door of the 1st team. Notably, Gregor Trickett and Ross McNicoll belied their tender 13 years on planet earth and slotted in nicely upon their full debut for the 2nd team.

Many thanks to Dunfermline City (whom Harris host in a friendly on Sat 6th Sept) for organising a great day and all those that participated hope to be lucky enough to be invited back next season. A collection was raised on the day, in lieu of an entry fee, to support the British Heart Foundation. Thanks to all those that donated in what is likely a wise investment for some of the older players in the squad!

The results and a link to photos from the day are below.

City 1 Kinross 0
Harris 1 Falkirk 0 (Dylan Ackerley)
City 3 Mixed XI 1
Kinross 1 Harris 0
Falkirk 1 Mixed XI 0
City 1 Harris 1 (Colin Wilkie)
Kinross 0 Falkirk 0
Harris 2 Mixed XI 0 (Mamun Hossain& Kevin Ancell)
City 1 Falkirk 1
Kinross 5 Mixed XI 1

League Table
City 16 points
Kinross 13 points
Harris 12 points
Falkirk 8 points
Mixed XI 2 points

Tournament 0 - 0 Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 2nd Team Outdoor