Match Report

Match Report - 07 Mar 2015, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor drew with Highland

A through ball from Iain Mitchell in the 3rd minute put through Greg Whittet but he was stopped by a good tackle at the top of the D. Harris took the lead in the 8th minute after Albert Rowling's goalbound shot hit a Highland defender and Euan Simpson scored from the penalty flick. Harris continued to attack and Greg had a shot deflected wide in the 11th minute and a short corner in the 13th minute was sent wide. In the 15th minute Albert drove into the D and his shot was deflected for a long corner. A minute later Gavin Martin had a great chance from close range but the keeper saved well and shortly after the Highland keeper had to save well again from Ferg WIlson when he was put through by Albert. Amrit Bhachu just failed to get on the end of an Albert cutback in the 21st minute and two minutes later an Albert shot was well saved and then he hit the rebound wide. Highland came close to equalising in a counter-attack in the 27th minute when a free hit was deflected just wide of the post. Greg then drove along the baseline but could only win a long corner. Finlay Wright passed to Ami who found ALbert and his shot was well saved. Harris won a short corner in the 33rd minute after Greg beat two men and Harris forced another when the short corner was blocked. However this was missed as well. Highland won a short corner a minute from half -time but the first shot went over backboard height into the goal. Harris still had time to force an overtime short corner but failed to get in a shot at goal.
Half-time Harris 1 Highland 0
Harris thought they had increased their lead three minutes into the second half from a short corner. The goal was awarded after the ball seemed to hit a defender's stick on the line, go on to his knee and then into the goal. However the umpire at the other end of the pitch judged that the shot was going wide and was too high and the goal was chalked off. Harris continued to have more of the ball and FInlay sent a pass to Albert but his cross went right across goal. 23 minutes into the second half Highland equalised form their second short corner of the match. Harris responded with a short corner and as Gavin rounded a Highland defender he was pulled down as the defender slid into the tackle. It looked like a penalty but a short corner was awarded. Highland finished the match with nine players with a few minutes to go after a red and yellow card were issued but Harris could not take advantage of this and the game ended a draw.

Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 1st Team Outdoor 1 - 1 Highland