Match Report

Match Report - 24 Nov 2019, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor drew with Grove Menzieshill IV

Home game in very mild, yet overcast conditions v GMV IV. A very competitive game, with the team working the ball round the back, and not trying to force the ball down the middle. A very dominant midfield performance from Brodie T, Cameron G, Jack T and Robbie S kept the ball wide, and directed passes down the line with great accuracy. Tony T and Andrew K alternating at centre forward dropped deeper to pick up the ball from, an at times congested midfield, and distributed it accurately to Matthew O, who had an outstanding performance, working tirelessly to control the ball down the wings and drive into the D. He was denied, as were some other solid strikes from our forwards by some very sharp goal keeping. Kyle W, Rory L and Sean Hegarty have gained a huge amount of confidence on the ball so far this season, and broke down attacks, tracked back quickly to defend and played dependable roles. Thanks to our senior players for their on field performances and great support, & encouragement to the youngsters. We created plenty opportunities on the day, but were confronted by a young keeper with tremendous promise, anticipation and reaction in the goal. 0:0 draw. Last game before we move indoors .

Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor 0 - 0 Grove Menzieshill IV

1Graeme Field  
2David Somerville  
3Robbie Somerville  
4Andy Thompson  
5Brodie Thompson  
6Jack Tasker  
7A.N. Other   Tony Tasker
8Andrew Kimmitt  
9A.N. Other   Kyle Wilson
10Steven Ogg  
11A.N. Other   Matthew Ogg
12Rory Little  
13Cameron Gellatly  
14A.N. Other   Sean Hegarty
15A.N. Other  
16A.N. Other