Match Report

Match Report - 08 Mar 2020, Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor lost to Grove Menzieshill V

Home game v GM V. Sunny, and mild weather. Harris squad of 12 players. 4:4:2 formation for duration of game. Tough opposition, which included some former GM first team players, alongside some well drilled younger players. Working the ball out from defence was a challenge as the midfield was congested and our opponents moved to shut down Harris’ build up. Up front Matthew O moved well and quickly into space to receive the ball, and on one break in the first half, rounded the keeper only to see the ball graze the post and go out of play for a 16. Cameron A, Archie N and Matthew L worked well and competed hard for the ball in the midfield, and there were some moments where the triangles worked, as Harris drove out of defence and into attack, only to be met by a solid wall of experienced defenders. Rory L broke up a number of drives into the Harris D, and received and distributed the ball well when we worked the ball round from the back. The GM goal came in the final quarter, from a good passing build up on the right, worked across the D and beyond our Keeper. Plenty more games for us to work on creating space, moving to receive the ball, and being a little more vocal in our communications. Thanks Steve O, Andy T, Robbie S, Ross and Duncan McN for guidance and supportive play on the pitch. Welcome back Craig S, and I hope the legs are not too tired today! Thanks to the McNicholl brothers and Dave M, for sharing the umpiring duties and for helping with tactics / subbing! A close and well fought game. A 1:0 Home loss.

Harris Academy FP Hockey Club 3rd Team Outdoor 0 - 1 Grove Menzieshill V

1Graeme Field  
2Steven Ogg  
3A.N. Other   Matthew Ogg
4Andy Thompson  
5David Somerville  
6Matthew Little  
7Rory Little  
8Robbie Somerville  
9A.N. Other   Archie Newey
10A.N. Other   Cameron Allan
11Ross McNicoll  
12Duncan McNicoll  
13Craig Soutar  
14A.N. Other  
15A.N. Other  
16A.N. Other